General Questions


Is the film done yet?

No, we are currently in the development stage. We hope to shoot the film some time later this year.


Can I help?

Yes, we'd love your help - whether it's volunteering for the film shoot, making a donation, helping spread the word on Facebook, becoming a sponsor or an investor, booking us for a speaking engagement, or anything else. Every little bit helps! Please contact us here for more information.


Can I audition for the film? Can my truck be in it?

We're not casting actors or picture vehicles yet, but please feel free to check here for updates!


Will this movie have real monster trucks?

Our film will feature a variety of trucks, ranging from real monster trucks to lifted and modified 4x4's, along with other kinds of off-roading vehicles.


Why trucks?

Love & Monster Trucks is inspired by writer/director Cristina Ibarra's experiences growing up around her family’s trucks, modifying shops, junkyards, and car lots, on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border.


Do you do interviews?

Yes, we are available for interviews. Please contact us here for more information.



Can I make a donation?

Yes! Please go to our donate page. Thank you!


I'm confused. How do I make a donation?

It's easy! Just enter a number under "Buy a Mile!" then click on the button that says START Your Engines. This will take you to PayPal, where you will be asked to log in, so that you can make a donation.


What if I don't use PayPal?

No problem! You can mail your checks to:

Women Make Movies
Sponsored Project #449 (Love & Monster Trucks)
462 Broadway
New York, NY 10013


Can I make an anonymous donation?

Yes! If you don't want your name made public, just let us know!


Do I have to give my full name and address in the information form?

No, you don't. It just helps us keep track of you, so that we know where to send your prizes. But if you want to leave part of it blank (maybe just give your first name and city), that's fine with us.


What is a cameo appearance?

A cameo appearance means you get to be in our film, as one of our extras! Every mile you purchase gives you a chance to win the lottery to be in our film. (Travel expenses are not included.)


What does the + mean?

This means that any prizes listed after the + sign are in addtion to the prizes listed before.

So, for example, if you donate $1,000, you get (1) one thousand chances to win a cameo appearance, (2) your name on our Facebook wall, (3) your name and/or company logo on our website, (4) a signed publicity photo, (5) a signed copy of our DVD and (6) on-screen credit.


What is on-screen credit?

If you donate $1,000 or more, we'll include your name in the end credits of the film. In other words, every time the film screens, people will see your name!


What kind of special events are donors invited to?

If you donate $2,500 or more, you and a guest get to attend parties, screenplay readings, speaking engagements, public appearances, and other special events with the filmmakers. (Travel expenses not included.)


How do I book a screening? Or a speaking engagement?

If you donate $5,000 or more, we'll schedule a private screening of our film for 100 of your friends in your home town, at whatever venue is most appropriate, after our film is finished.

For universities and others interested in scheduling something sooner, we also offer speaking engagements. Please contact us here for more information.


How do I get a ticket to a gala screening of the film?

If you donate $10,000 or more, you and a guest get to attend a special gala screening of the film. (Travel expenses not included.) Depending on the event, tickets to this screening may also be available for sale to the general public.


Can I visit the film shoot?

If you donate $15,000 or more, you and a guest get to visit our film set during the shoot. (Travel expenses not included.) Another way to visit is to volunteer your services. Please contact us here for more information.


Is my donation tax deductible?

If you want your donation to be tax deductible, please do it through our fiscal sponsor, Women Make Movies


I'm not American, can I still donate?

Yes! All foreign currency will be converted into US$, which is what will be used to determine your prizes. You can visit our donation page here. Thank you!


Can I sponsor this film?

Yes! Please contact us here for more information.