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And, if you want to keep going, $5 = 5 miles, $25 = 25 miles, $100 = 100 miles, and so on... The more miles you buy, the more chances you get to win cool prizes! For more information, scroll down or contact us directly.


To donate, enter a number under "Buy a Mile!" then click on the yellow button: "START Your Engines." For every $1 you donate, you get the chance to win a Cameo Appearance in our film. For additional prizes - scroll down!

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The chance to win a Cameo Appearance in our film!

(Travel expenses not included. The winner of the lottery for this prize will be announced about two weeks before shooting begins. )

$25 + A thank you on our Facebook wall that day.
$50 + Your name and/or company logo on our website.
$100 + 1 signed publicity photo. (Mailed to you after the film is shot.)
$500 + 1 signed copy of the DVD. (Mailed to you after the film is finished.)
$1000 + On-screen credit. (Your name in the credits of the finished film.)
$2500 + Open invitation (for 2 people) to attend our fundraising parties and other special events. (Travel expenses not included.)
$5000 + A private screening for 100 friends in your home town. (Screenings will happen after the film is finished. For universities and others interested in scheduling something sooner, we also offer Speaking Engagements.)
$10,000 + 2 tickets to a special gala screening of the film. (Travel expenses not included.)
$15,000 + 1 invitation (for 2 people) to visit our film set. (Travel expenses not included.)
$25,000+ + The chance to earn a profit.

Also... your company could sponsor this film! For more information contact us directly.

For our fans who use kilometers, please forgive our mile-centric system. All foreign currency will be converted into US$, which is what will be used to determine your prizes.

If you'd like your donation to be tax deductible, you can do it through our fiscal sponsor, Women Make Movies.  All of the prizes listed above still apply.

This is just Lap 1, the development stage of our film. Stay tuned for Lap 2, the film shoot!

And the race starts... now!